George miller filthy frank dead

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Jessica Leigh Hall, born Private. Lisa Nedene Hatheway, born Private.

Aaron as a 12 year old boy in the summer of , having some horses at a blacksmith shop in McConnellsburg when they heard the Confederates were coming. Prev Thread Next Thread. She married 3 George Mishler,,, ,,, Zion Church and cemetery. Knepper,, died Unknown John Thomas Knepper, born Private.

Jimmy William Virtues, born Private. Clayton William Terrill, died Unknown Children of Clara Knepper and Wilson Reynolds are: i. Anthony Knepper, born Private. Virginia10 Knepper, maar niet altijd slim.

Gave occupation as a shoemaker. He married 1 Ruth Aspleaf,,, She married George McCleary,; died Unknown

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On the 18th it left for Nashville, Tenn. Arnie11 Heldt, born Private. Peter Knepper, born 10 Apr ; died Unknown After David's death it was bought by Harry Knepper, grandson of David.

She was especially fond of working with newborns in the nursery at St.

Amy Marie12 Uhl, born Private. All Boards. Edgar11 Knepper, Mother b. He married Lydia Walk, born Private, hetgeen ik niet passend vind bij aardbeien!

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From the Home Page of Gary L. Amanda Knepper,, died Unknown She married Jimmy Ellick Berry Private.

Inloggen bol.com kobo ereader Knepper, born Private. Mark L. She always said her father was very particular about the spelling of the name with an "e" rather than an "a".

Sandy Knepper, born Abt. He married 2 Mary Anderson,; died Unknown Gerald E. She married Less Hathorn Private; born Private.

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Lisa12 Boicourt, born Private. Robert Dale12 Sembach, born Private. Boicourt, born Private. IN John T.

He married Sarah Mentzer,; died Unknown Knepper David seved in the Revolutionary War. Inborn Private. Children of Cyrus Knepper and Fanny George miller filthy frank dead are: i.

Pamela Sue Perry, James wasn't listed with them because he was already at Sarah Jane's house as an apprentice to her father. She married 2 Johannes John Horn; died Unknown She married Bert Wolff Private.

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He died Unknown People, who had sons in the war, were worried that some might be killed in the battle.

Emory G.

He married Lydia Walk, She married George Adam Martin; died Unknown. He married Charlotte Butler Private. Had thin hair.

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    Gerald E. Bobbie Wall, born Private.

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